Thoughts on photographing in public/private places. 

Originally published 19/4/22 – Taking photos of people in public places “There is no law preventing people from taking photographs in public. This includes taking photos of other people’s children…Unless the images which have been taken are indecent, no one has the right to: ask a photographer to stop ask for a copy of theContinue reading “Thoughts on photographing in public/private places. “

Portraiture II

Originally published 16/4/22 – As I have continued studying for MA Photography at Norwich University of the Art and continued my work in Portraiture, I have been taking portraits outside, sometimes with people I know and sometimes walking up to strangers and asking to take their portraits. It can be challenging to get the fightingContinue reading “Portraiture II”

Colour Profiles 3…

Originally published 13/3/22 – I have often had issues when printing landscape photos, especially sunrises & sunsets. The issue is usually in the reproduction of oranges & pinks. I usually managed this by adjusting red/orange/purple/magenta sliders in Lightroom’s HSL Panel in the develop module. The colours were never perfectly reproduced but they were adequately reproduced.Continue reading “Colour Profiles 3…”


Originally posted 18/12/21 – Inspired by my work and reading for my ongoing MA Photography at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), particularly by photographers such as Richard Avedon & Annie Leibovitz, I have been doing more and more portrait photography. While landscape photography requires work – getting up early, climbing hills or mountains, dodgingContinue reading “Portraiture”

Photo Challenge

Originally published 28/11/21 – As a digital photographer, I have found it very easy to take lots of shots (too many…?), after all the costs are minimal or even zero. During a recent shoot, which was important to me and to the client, I found myself taking far more than should have been necessary –Continue reading “Photo Challenge”

Colour Profiles

Originally published 7/9/21 – Disclaimer – I’m sure this post would be no use to an expert in colour profiling. That out of the way here’s my experience which falls into two categories: ICC Profiles for printers & camera profiles for editing software (in my case Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop). A profile for a printerContinue reading “Colour Profiles”


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