Photo Challenge

Originally published 28/11/21 –

As a digital photographer, I have found it very easy to take lots of shots (too many…?), after all the costs are minimal or even zero. During a recent shoot, which was important to me and to the client, I found myself taking far more than should have been necessary – playing it safe. When I took my first workshop back in 2014 (I think), the tutor remarked that when he was a professional, each shutter release cost £1, by the time the film and the processing was paid for. As an exercise in discipline (and for fun), I decided to go out for a shoot but limiting myself to only 24 shots – no deleting and reshooting allowed. To add to the challenge, I also decided to only take one lens – a 50mm prime. I can’t honestly say that I took 24 perfect photos (it was night and raining) but it certainly slowed medown and made me put more thought into each photo. Give it a try.

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